Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Seed Planted?

A non-vegetarian friend was over last night for dinner. I was making my pan-fried beans and kale (see "recipes"). She said she grew up poor, and had eaten beans so much as a kid she really didn't like them anymore. I told her she was welcome to give it a try, and I could make her something else if she didn't like it. We talked about my decision to become Vegan, and she shared that she could barely eat meat herself, limited to grilled chicken. She asked me if my new diet is expensive. I told her, not necessarily, I have a tight budget so I only go out of my way to buy organic if it's something like tofu or bread, that most of my staples come from the big-chain supermarket.

She loved the meal and was really surprised by the flavor ;) Then she had some of my Uncle Eddie's Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, and loved those. She said, I've never really cooked without meat. So, she may have a new perspective, and will be visiting more often so will be treated to more Vegan meals. Who knows, she may be on the side of the animals before long :)

1 comment:

veganelder said...

Excellent! Planting seeds is always a hopeful experience. It is astonishing how thoroughly the exploitation of our fellow animals has permeated everyday activities and each chip in that edifice of awfulness is welcome. Thank you!

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