Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Picky Toddler

I may be throwing in the towel a bit early, but my child has got to eat. It turns out that he's attuned enough to what I'm putting on his plate that he can tell it's not what he used to get. I've tried the best Vegan "chicken" and "hot dogs" and he very plainly doesn't like them. I've given these things to him for a couple of weeks now and he is not being fooled. He loves beans. But he shouldn't and won't eat them every day.

Hopefully, when he's a little older, we can have a discussion about the foods we eat and he can make a decision for himself. I'm obviously not the one to do it for him. It would have been much different if I'd been living this way before he was born. So, begrudged, I bought a bag of Tyson chicken nuggets today.

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