Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tofu Is My Friend - Don't Diss My Friends

I'm going to go on a small rant here and then I promise I'll leave it be. Why would someone who doesn't eat tofu on a regular basis, let alone know anything about preparing it, keep interjecting "tofu sucks" into my conversation with a non-vegetarian who genuinely wanted to know how to prepare tofu?!?! I made it my goal to educate both of them at that point, but the tofu-hater just kept saying tofu is bland, etc. He obviously hasn't had my tofu ;)


veganelder said...

Be prepared for all sorts of resistance to opting out of the dominant paradigm.

Plus...sounds like you were dealing with someone who didn't pay attention when manners were being taught.

You might point out to him that the preparer of his tofu "sucked" in their skills (at least in fixing something to his taste)...the tofu had nothing to do with that. And...he did a masterful job of demonstrating "sucking" at being polite. :-)

•Jaime• said...

So, I know these are WAY old, but maybe you'll have to teach me how to cook good tofu. Every time I try to prepare it, I can't eat it because I can't get past the texture...but then I'll eat my brother-in-law's Mom's pad Thai (which uses tofu), and I stuff my face!

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