Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Knowledge Is Power: Power To Relieve Suffering

I've been spending time copying recipes and listening to podcasts of "Vegetarian Food for Thought" by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau of Compassionate Cook. All that and impending homework hasn't allowed me much blog time. But I'm learning a lot more about leading a compassionate Vegan life that makes me happier and happier that I've made this choice. I would love to regurgitate some of the horrific things I've learned about the meat, dairy, and egg industries but I will have to save that for a more in-depth blog post with included references. Just know that Colleen came highly recommended to me and that I'm passing along that recommendation. A friend graciously burned all her podcasts to cd for me, and I can't get enough of this wealth of information about my new diet, and so many reasons to no longer include animal products in my life. I do feel a strong need to inform others, so as I said I'll be following up with a more informative post.

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