Wednesday, December 21, 2011

V Minus 11 Days

I went to Homeland today to pick up a prescription - cholesterol medicine to be ironic - and decided to see what, if any, Vegan options they had to offer. I was able to pick up some Tofurkey franks, breakfast links, and sandwich slices, tempeh, Boca burgers and Chikn, black beans, and a few frozen meals to try. Since I have a few items now, I'm making tomorrow a Vegan day. I read that it can make things easier to gradually change your diet. I'm not really planning on a gradual change, but would like to get a feel for some of the things I've picked out. I didn't pick up any tofu because of expiration dates and lack of recipes, but I'll have time to do that before D day.

Now, I've got to research foods rich in iron and vitamin B, and look up some recipes I think I can handle. Then I can finally start making my preliminary grocery list. We'll even be going out to dinner shortly after the first of the year, so I get to use my restaurant locater to find veg-friendly places for us to agree on. Once I've actually tried some of these store-bought meals and restaurants, I'll list recommendations on here so other people in the Oklahoma City area can give it a try.

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