Wednesday, December 28, 2011

V Minus 4 Days

I gave myself two weeks before I would fully commit to a Vegan way of life, because I thought I would need that long get over my former, animal-product ridden life. In fact, I've consciously decided to eat Vegan when going out, or since I've had appropriate foods available at home. This gives me a renewed confidence that this is something I definitely needed to do for myself, besides doing it for animal welfare, of course. And confidence that I have what it takes to make this lifestyle change for the better. I have chosen not to include my almost 3-year-old son in this, as I think any child should have a choice, and he is too young to choose for himself. I hope that my compassion and devotion to this decision will be a positive influence on him once he is able to decide for himself. Even if he does not choose an herbivore lifestyle, I can hope that he will have compassion for all animals through my example.

I am also finding out many things about foods I used to enjoy that are quite disgusting, so I don't think there's anyway I could turn back with the new-found knowledge.

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