Tuesday, December 20, 2011

V Minus 12 Days

Good news - my Seirus all-weather gloves are synthetic. Bad news - my Rocketdog Hazel winter boots are suede.

I had a little bit of time to go to the grocery store today and picked up what I could: apparently Wal-Mart will not be my one-stop Vegan shoppe. But I did get veg-friendly pretzels and crackers for snacks, oatmeal, un-frosted Pop Tarts, tortilla chips, and stocked up on almond milk. There is a store called Natural Foods several blocks from my home that will have the sustenance I'm looking for. I'm going to take my time some upcoming weeknight, or perhaps the day after christmas since my office is closed, and do the shopping I need and familiarize myself with the store and the products they offer. I've already found Vegan cheeses there for my son, and the store was recommended to me by a friend who's been Vegan for a few years.

My sister, a pharmacist, informed me that many people who switch to a Vegan or Vegetarian diet become iron and vitamin B deficient because those nutrients are primarily found in meat products. I promised that I would research foods that can provide these for me as well as taking nutritional supplements. For anyone reading this who would take an iron supplement, she said that those with ferrous gluconate are easier on the stomach than those with ferrous sulphate. Good to know. I love having smart people in my family :)

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veganelder said...

Here are two excellent resources for dietary questions:




I've found both of these folks to be knowledgeable and absent of bs. Jack Norris is associated with Vegan Outreach which is the source of some of the booklets I keep available in the rack at the Norman library.

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