Monday, December 26, 2011

V Minus 6 Days

Today had lunch at the Pita Pit, and got a black bean pita with veggies and salsa. Dinner was veggies and fried rice with baked teriyaki tofu. Did research on foods rich in iron and B vitamins. When doing my shopping today, I wasn't able to find the plant-based omega-3 fatty acid I need for my high triglycerides, so I'll check at the Natural Grocers. I picked up a bar of real dark chocolate today when acquiring other Vegan items and it was actually pretty good :) I've never liked other dark chocolate I've tried.

Looking at Vegetarians of Oklahoma's site and found out that McDonald's french fries are coated in beef fat. BEEF FAT. Disgusting. When I informed my boyfriend of this, however, he said, "so that's why they're so tasty." Sigh.

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