Monday, December 19, 2011

V Minus 13 Days

"Every vegetarian saves more than 100 animals a year from horrific cruelty." --PETA website, "A Note About Small Amounts of Animal Products in Foods" article.

I have somewhat of a shopping guide from PETA's Accidentally Vegan list. I've picked out a new, cruelty-free belt that I can order after my next paycheck. I'm kind of headachey right now so I'm not writing a long post. But it was at least a somewhat productive day toward my Vegan life. I chose vegetable lo mein from our Chinese take-out menu, though I've yet to find out if it's Vegan or not. I did find out that many spring rolls are flavored with oyster sauce - bleh.

Going to start drinking my son's almond milk - he's allergic to dairy - and looking up some easy recipes since I'll be cooking Vegan for myself and regular for the rest of the fam. I've made it very clear to them and myself that this decision is for my own peace and they can choose to or not to join with me. Maybe with some luck I'll at least get them to try some of my animal-free dishes ;)

I did find out that the three pair of shoes I wasn't sure about all have leather in them...including my comfy winter boots. So, will be looking for a replacement pair. Still need to fit in some homework and wrapping holiday gifts. Hope to have some more epiphanies tomorrow.

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